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5 panel cards Christmas story (18)

5 panel cards Christmas story (18)
Titel: 5 panel cards Christmas story (18)
Bestelnr.: 081983721380
Prijs : € 29,70
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5 paneel kerstkaart Christmas Story
Maat 17.3x12x60cm
Wanneer u deze kaart uitvouwt krijgt u de volgende tekst te lezen:

God's Hope
The baby, who once spoke the word.
Through which the world began.
Revealed the hope of 'God with us'
God's great eternal plan. 

God's peace
The shepherds heard the angels proclaim
There had been a glorious birth
Glory to God in the highest....
and peace, goodwill to those on earth 

God's gift
little baby on the hay,
soon there'll be another day
When nails shall pece your hands and feet
As you provide our sin's defeat 

God's love
Jesus, Savior, Shepherd, King
Lord of all to you we bring
Praises, wonder, thanks and love
For this gift from God above 

God's Son
For christ is risen and reigns on high
in glorious majesty
so now His redeemed shall worship him
throughout all eternity 

God is the greatest giver....
Jesus is the greatest gift