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The Crucifixion

The Crucifixion
Titel: The Crucifixion
Auteur: 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle
Bestelnr.: 6006937150386
Prijs : € 19,99
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Engage with the crucifixion account in a different, visually detailed way when you spend time putting together The Crucifixion 1000-piece Jigsaw Puzzle. This jigsaw puzzle has enough detail to challenge both children and adults.  

The classic painting depicting the crucifixion of Jesus and the two thieves by Jean Francois Portaels, with its dark and gloomy colors and gathering darkness, will never leave you bored. Spend Easter in quiet contemplation as you work your way through connecting all the interlocking pieces while thinking of the magnitude of Christ's suffering.  

The completed puzzle measures roughly 19' x 29' and will fit easily on a coffee table or desk. The sturdy storage box will keep all the puzzle pieces safely in one place. The snuggly fitting pieces interlock well and stay put when they are moved. Eco-friendly ink and recycled material are used to create an earth-friendly puzzle. 

Spending time assembling the image of the Crucifixion printed on The Crucifixion 100-piece Jigsaw Puzzle will bring to mind the details of the day and bring the Bible to life in front of your eyes. 

The Crucifixion themed jigsaw puzzle
Snuggly fitting interlocking pieces
Eco-friendly ink
Recycled material
Smooth die-cut
Completed puzzle size: 750 x 500 mm
Storage box size: 267 x 198 x 53mm 

Distributor: 316europe