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3pc Bracelet set Gold crown/cross

3pc Bracelet set Gold crown/cross
Titel: 3pc Bracelet set Gold crown/cross
Bestelnr.: 612978493175
Prijs : € 12,95


Faith Gear Mens Bracelet Golden Crown 

Literally wear your love for Christ on your sleeve with this eye-catching Men's Bracelet by Faith Gear draped in three separate leather pieces. You'll have at the ready a complete story for sharing your faith! 

The Bible tells us in the New Testament that the crown of life will be given to those who put their faith in Christ. And our great King Himself is the King of kings, but the awful crown of thorns He wore when He stood in our place for the punishment of sin is an iconic symbol of ultimate sacrifice. This bracelet reminds us of that, as well as the leather-and-metal strips that tore His flesh when He was beaten and went to the cross. 

As you unashamedly wear this display of Christ's love for us, you'll have the opportunity to help fulfill the Great Commission and share from the Gospels the story of Jesus paying our penalty and overcoming death! #GoldenCrown #kerusso 

- Leather (multiple colors) plus original castings
- 3 separate bracelets
- Adjustable closures
- Measures up to 4 cm wide