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6 Hidden Behaviors That Destr. Marr.

6 Hidden Behaviors That Destr. Marr.
Titel: 6 Hidden Behaviors That Destr. Marr.
Auteur: Battles, Dr. Magdalena
Bestelnr.: 9781641234436
Prijs : € 20,90
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Every Family Has Issues
There is no such thing as a perfect family...or an easy family. We all make mistakes that hurt our family members and we've all been hurt by those we love.
6 Hidden Behaviors That Destroy Families by Dr. Magdalena Battles addresses the top conflicts that cause relationships to become strained or broken. These hidden behaviors are:
- A failure to forgive or apologize
- Criticism
- Gossip
- Deception
- A lack of inclusion
- A failure to accept differences
While every family has issues, what really matters is how we deal with them. Are we working in a way that resolves problems? Or are we allowing them to fester and explode?
The healing in your family can begin with you. It often takes just one person to make the changes needed to make relationships more positive. Dr. Battles provides you with practical tips based on research, biblical principles, and her own observations of what has worked in families--including her own. Here are essential tools to restore the damaged relationships in your life.
Families can function in a way where love and support are practiced daily. It is a process, but the result will be happier lives and more fulfilling relationships.