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The Epistle of James

The Epistle of James
Titel: The Epistle of James
Auteur: Neander, Augustus
Bestelnr.: 9789057195181
Uitgever: Importantia Publishing
Prijs : € 17,50
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Augustus Neander carefully explores practical and theoretical aspects of the epistle by James. This book is part of a series containing Neander's commentaries on the books of Philippians. James and 1 John.Johann August Wilhelm Neander belonged to a Jewish family and originally bore the name of David Mendel. He changed his name to Neander when he became a Christian in 1806. He studied theology in Berlin. After a year of teaching in Heidelberg (1812), he returned to Berlin as professor of ecclesiastical history (1813). Here he attracted many students not only by the quality of his scholarship but also by the spirit of piety he brought to his work.